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Landing Pages, Layouting & multichannel publishing
 If you’re  looking  for  the  perfect  complement  to  a  headless  CMS  such  as  Contentful,  look no further.  Contentpepper  enables  your  team to  create  new  landing  pages,  change  the  layout  of  a  site  and  control  the  publishing  process  to  all  your  digital  channels - no  programming  skills needed! That  solution  is  Contentpepper®.  
Intuitive handling

Content Production and Publishing made easy for editors

Content production is only the first step: more crucial is the distribution of your content to your customers. To do this successfully, you have to publish your content on different devices and channels. Every person has individual access to content: through the web, mobile devices,, smart TVs or even a smartwatch. With Contentpepper®, you can publish your content on every common device on the market in just four easy steps: prepare, produce, publish and promote.  Moreover, editors can lay out their content for their website easily within Contentpepper®: programming skills are not necessary. Everything works through drag and drop.

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content publishment across all platforms

Reach more customers with automated multichannel publishment

The most important aspect of content publishing is to reach as many customers as possible. With the help of the multichannel publishing skills of Contentpepper®, publisher like marketing agencies can reach efficiently more people.

The produced content is displayed automatically on all current digital devices on the market. With this benefit, agencies can focus on their core competences, Contentpepper® handles the content publishing and promotion.

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Key facts for your digital publishing success
Contentful Adapter

With Contentpepper®, users can connect their sources and content data simply with an adapter for Contentful

360° Dashboard

Contentpepper®  ensures the possibility to analyze the key figures and customer data in a 360° dashboard

Automated Monetization

Contentpepper® improves the monetization of your content with metered paywalls, subscriptions, and micropayments

Design customization via Drag & Drop

The layout in the frontend can easily be edited with Contentpepper® via Drag & Drop and displayed in a dynamic preview within the online editor

Data control with Contentful

Maximize your content with Contentful and reach more customers with a multichannel publishing skills of Contentpepper®

Multichannel Publishing

An automated publishing process for all common digital devices including Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches and Smart TVs

Analysis of Marketing Success

The scheduling, implementation and measurement of marketing activities over all digital contact points is an essential part of Contentpepper

Personalization of your data

Sources can be sorted via Contentpepper® in issue-specific data pools with the help of a personalized filter

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Learn more about the future architecture for content publishing


In our latest Whitepaper we inform you about the impact of headless content management systems, how an headless CMS exactly works and which use cases are particularly advantageous.

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About Us

Headless CMS meets multichannel publishing platform - This is us:

From content production to content publishing and promotion in only four steps with the key features Prepare, Produce, Publish and Promote. Contentpepper® is an extensive publishing platform for content management systems. With this digital tuning kit, content can be created and published much faster and efficiently across all digital channels. Contentpepper® grants a completely new experience for editors. The multichannel publishing works automatically and editors can design the layout of the frontend with the help of an intuitive Drag & Drop System.

Headless Content Management Systems are getting more and more in the focus of content publishing enterprises and especially marketing agencies. Contentful concentrates on API and uses structured data in order to enable the chance for enterprises to integrate content in web and mobile applications. In this process, the backend and frontend are separated. This API first Content Management System Contentful starts with a generic interface or API. After that, any platform can be connected to Contentful.


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